12 July 2013

Frequently (and not so frequently) asked questions

What does everybody need when they arrive somewhere after a long journey?  You've guessed !

Question:  Where are the toilets?
Answer:  They're in the garden, half way up on the right hand side but subtly hidden and you may be distracted by the garden!

The Toilets 

The garden
And a not so frequently asked question- but it does happen!
Question: How long have you lived on this island?
Answer: We just get the map out for this.
Crossing to the 'island'
Question: Where was Beatrix Potter buried?
Answer: Beatrix was a very private person.  She was cremated and her ashes were scattered by her shepherd, Tom Storey, in a secret location.

Question: When is the quietest time to visit?
Answer: A hard one.  Generally it's quieter in the afternoons but at very busy times you may find we've sold out.  Saturday and Sunday afternoons are often surprisngly quiet.

Question: The car park's full.  What should I do?
Answer: A few options: - You could come back in a little while when there may be spaces - but please don't wait on the road.
There's a car park in Far Sawrey.  The 30 minute walk along the off road footpath gives you a great rural introduction to Hill Top.

If you click on this you should see a bigger version !
 There's more parking, and a Beatrix Potter trail, at the Esthwaite Fishery pay and display car park round the bottom end of Esthwaite Water - about 40 minute walk up.
National Trust car park at Ash Landing by the shore of Windermere and a lovely walk up - mainly off road and takes about an hour.
Sam on the footpath from Far Sawrey
Question: Referring to the Windermere car ferry - can I buy tickets for Ireland on the ferry?
Answer: Another one for the map!

Question: We've got some time to wait before going into the House.  What can we do?
Answer: Sawrey House Tearoom and the Tower Bank Arms pub can provide you with sustenance.  There's an excellent children's play area with picnic tables just down the road.  The walk to Moss Eccles Tarn, following in Beatrix's footsteps (it was one of her favourite places) takes about an hour. Go beyond the tarn to get fantastic views over to the Langdales.
Alternatively, you could get tickets for later in the day and fit in a visit to Wray Castle or the Beatrix Potter Gallery.

Play area

Sawrey House terrace

Moss Eccles Tarn
Water Lilies were Beatrix Potter's favourite flowers.  She planted a white one and a pink one in Moss Eccles tarn and they have since spread!  On her birthday, 28th July, we pick some from the tarn for the House
Question: Which is the nearest Underground Station? - Yes, it happened!
Answer: We'd guess Watford but ........ unless you're talking rabbit burrows of course!

Ticket Office Team