19 July 2013

An enviable commute to work (Part one)

Caroline from the Business Support team, based at Hill Top, takes a look at her own, and colleagues', commute to work, we don't want to rub it in but your own commute may be slightly less appealing ....

Back in the Eighties and Nineties, my commute to work was via the very overcrowded District and Piccadilly Lines from South Ealing to Covent Garden and Kensington. Impersonating sardines and strap hanging, for up to an hour each way, now seems to be the epitome of a rat race lifestyle that I chose to leave behind over 20 years ago!

My commute for the last 12 years has been enviable, even by non-London commuting standards….

For just over 10 years I travelled up the east side of Coniston Water with views of the lake and The Old Man through all weathers.

There were a few mishaps…. a sliding on some black ice resulting in a near miss with actual lake water (eek!) and a coming-together with a pet food supplier in his big van but on the whole fairly minimal considering how narrow that particular lane can be….

Recently, I was on the Windermere ferry which crosses between Bowness and Ferry Landing and I sent a picture to my son in Edinburgh with a message saying that my life is blessed…. and so it is.....

It got me thinking that it would be interesting to find out my colleagues thoughts on their commute to work. South Lakes staff commute from all directions, some by bike, others by ferry and some have long journeys from as far away as Askam in the west and Penrith in the North, whereas others live next door!

They have sent me pictures and I have collected together a mini exhibition of commuter heaven for a blog gallery! Here it is….

Basecamp staff are very environmentally minded - they all share a lift to work and
this magnificent view of the Langdales is a favourite at all times of the year.
One of our VE assistants walks past the cake shop from the car park to the
Beatrix Potter Gallery and just can't help feasting her eyes on this beauty! (She obviously doesn't
indulge as she's very petite and slender but must have huge willpower!)

The is a rather hairy route from the Rusland Valley for one of our Visitor Services staff in
the depths of winter - the journey proved to be long and difficult but definitely rather impressive!

This VE Assistant commutes to work via bike AND ferry! Many of the staff who come to work
from the Kendal and Windermere area use the ferry rather than drive the extra
miles round the lake. On sunny mornings, it's a splendid start to a day and on warm summer evenings our hard working Ticket Office Manager has been known to catch a few zzz's on the journey over the water.

The road between Hawkshead and Hill Top - a road much travelled for staff that work between
Hill Top, the Beatrix Potter Gallery and Wray Castle, with a wonderful view of Esthwaite Water.
Our Conservation in Action assistants often work at all three places in one day!

One of our House Stewards took this amazing picture of a bracket fungus on her
way to work. She cycles up and over the hills of Grizedale Forest from Satterthwaite
and sees many fabulous views and it's not always about the view....

But sometimes it just is....

A view from the Newby Bridge road across hills and forests towards
the Howgills on a wonderful sunny morning

So, that's all for Part One, look out for Part Two in a few weeks time.

Post by Caroline, Business Support team (with a bit of help from her friends!)