15 June 2012

Jolly Jubilee Jottings

Hill Top
Hanging up Jubilee bunting was of course on the list of duties for the Visitor Services team recently, but Robin went one step further and decorated himself; he looked very happy with the results!

Robin and Hill Top Ticket Office decorated alike  for the Jubilee, Robin is the one in front!
Wray Castle
Meanwhile Jubilee fun at Wray Castle took the form of re-designing the Queen's Knickers! ...Yes you read that word correctly! A kids' story-telling event at Wray Castle picked Nicholas Allan's children's favourite, 'The Queens Knickers' which kicked off a follow-up activity where armed with scissors, glitter and string the kids went on to make 'knickers bunting'.
This Activity sheet was downloadable from publisher Random House here is their  link
You may not have known it but the Queen has knickers, it seems, for every occasion. Just to make sure she is never without, children visiting Wray Castle over the Jubilee Bank Holiday had the opportunity to let their imagination rip as pair after pair of knickers were cut out and decorated.

We had knickers for parties, knickers for gardening, even knickers for repelling World War 3! Two of the most memorable were:
  • those designed to be worn when leaping off a skyscraper (one never knows, as Queen, when you might be in a tight spot) based loosely on a hang-glider; and
  • some to keep her warm when camping. This particular pair were designed from the heart as the small boy and his family had had an uncomfortably chilly night in a tent and his knickers sported a flaming camp fire! When asked what would stop the fire getting out of control (and risk 'burning the Queen's bottom to a crisp' as  picturesquely described by another in the group) the small boy quickly ran up another pair, to slip over the top, which had strategically placed water jets! 
It was a terrific few days (we even had a family gluing and sticking in the Fernery as one of their children had chicken pox!) and lovely to see so many children inspired by a very simple story. The Castle staff need to be thanked for their great patience with the glitter and sequins which spread liberally around the castle and needed hoovering up at the end of the day. Wray Castle buzzed with excitement and when the children had finished making crowns and knickers inside there were the logs and swings and dens to visit in the grounds, but that's another story.....

If you'd like to find out more about 'The Queens Knickers' here's a link to the author Nicholas Allan's website; and if you're quick you might still be able to download the Activity pack for your very own Knicker Bunting! using the Random House link above.

Post by Jane from Visitor Services
Photo of Robin | Visitor Services Team
Activity Sheet image is screenprint of downloadable pdf from Random House (with images copyright Nicholas Allan)