8 June 2012


It’s been really busy at Hill Top and the Gallery in the past few weeks, we decorated the house with lots of flags for the Diamond Jubilee and there’s been many families enjoying the delights that Beatrix left for us.

All this however means lots of cleaning and being a bug detective!!

Clothes moths are small and white there are two common species, one that leaves sticky cases that are a pain to clean off and one that doesn’t.

Clothes moth

May until October is the time when clothes moths lay their eggs and the larvae hatch, the larvae won’t touch wooden furniture but they will eat every bit of textile they can get their hands on.

We use bug traps lined with sticky paper to catch the adult moths (sometimes we use pheromone coils to lure them in) so that we can tell which room they are in. If we find any moths then we can get looking with magnifying glasses and torches to look for any new damage to objects and remove them with help from our local conservator.

So get out those magnifying glasses and have a good look in your house.

You can click here to learn more about clothes moths (and other moths).

post by Rachel
photo credit | Flickr John Steedman