12 October 2012

Step back in time...

If you're the sort of person who loves old photos then there's a treat available at Wray Castle as wonderful photos of the Lake District taken in the 1930s, 40s and 50s are on show until Xmas.

A 'lumber-jill' getting stuck in; don't like the look of that tree though!
This is a wonderfully evocative view of the Lakes in days gone by
 They are the work of one very talented man Kenneth Shepherd who recorded a way of life now all but gone. He wanted his photographic record to be looked after for the future and gifted his original glass plates to us here at the National Trust.

Harriet carefully dusts of the glass plate, you can see her at work in the video too
The project we're working on currently at Wray Castle, which visitors can see, has two aspects: to conserve the original glass plates for posterity (they are an invaluable resource for any future Lake District historian) and to make Kenneth Shepherd's photos available to the public - initially with our display at Wray Castle and in time on-line at our National Trust collections website.

And we'd like your help... If you knew the Lake District in days gone by or have a family or other connection with the area then you might just be able to give us information to help identify people and places in the photos. The photos which we've already scanned are up on the walls inside Wray Castle with the opportunity for you to add your information.

Wray Castle is open every day until Sunday 4th November and then weekends until Xmas so do come and see the photos for yourself.

Here's a short video about Kenneth and our conservation project, narrated by Kenneth's daughter, Rosemary and our curator Sarah.

Photos by Ken Shepherd (not to be used without permission).
Post by Linda
Video | photography by ward
Conservation photo | Jo Hudson