5 October 2012

Look what was under the paint!

A couple of weeks ago Rose from Wray Castle highlighted here on our blog some conservation work that was going to be done inside Wray Castle. It all went really well with some fantastic results.

Here's a short video made during the tile restoration work done in the Morning Room at Wray Castle - visitors loved seeing the tiles being revealed.

The final results were better than anyone could have imagined from the tiny fragment that was peeking through at the start to the fantastic tile pictures revealed.
Before the tile panels were revealed...
Stock Photography by Ward: Properties  Tiled fireplace
The fireplace with restored tile panels

Stock Photography by Ward: Properties  Tiled fireplace
A closer view of the wonderful tile panel

As Conservation in Action is the theme today we're also very pleased to say that work to conserve and digitise Kenneth Shepherd's wonderful glass photographic plates showing the Lake District in the 1930s and 1940s is going very well. We've also got a short video of that to share with you but you'll have to wait until next week's blog for that one!

post by Linda
thanks to Dayve at Photography by Ward for the video & 'finished' photos