8 November 2013

Halloween at Wray Castle

We've been having a lot of fun at Wray Castle over the October half term, a lot of Halloween fun! We were the busiest we had ever been, laughter and screams echoed around our Gothic hall and the atmosphere was thick! We had ghoulish figures wandering around (and a fair few ghost hunts)...

We don't employ maids any more at Wray Castle...

Another scary figure captured on the stairs

The ghostly maid apparition in the main hall 

Even Richard, one of our ticket office staff, seemed to be affected (or should that be afflicted!) 

We are fairly certain that these ghosts have now left the castle, but it's always worth checking over your shoulder in case you feel there may be something there! We also had some very scary stories on Halloween itself and the night before, tales of werewolves, tales of the Crier of Claife and tales that haunt you.

Our marvelously macabre story tellers

The Maidservant's apartments had some spooky things to see and interact with, and became a frequent place for ghost sightings.

In order to read the macabre Gothic writings, you had to search with  UV light in a darkened room!

There really were ghosts all over the castle during Halloween,
we managed to ensure this one stayed locked within this room!

You could even make yourself into a scary portrait painting!

The Halloween cheer swept through our Ranger team during the Halloween half term, they were in charge of the broomstick making! We had lots of little witches and wizards zooming around the castle, and even an offer from a little girl, who had made a broomstick, to help sweep up after hours!

Richard from our ranger team making a broomstick

And let's not forget our creepy craft room, hundreds of spiders were made, ghosts, all manner of masks- pumpkins, cats, vampires (even an elephant!) and lots and lots of witches and wizards hats!

A skeleton mask and a long-legged spider

A very scary spider mask!

A selected few of some of the creepy creations!

We hope you can join us next year! And I'll leave the last words to our visitors over half term...