14 June 2013

Why did the chickens cross the road...?

... to get to Hill Top of course! At least several chickens did this week.

I'm getting used to the unusual (if that makes any sense at all) in my job with the National Trust. This Tuesday was a classic with the call coming over
the radio 'Car park to Jo, can you come down and help us catch some chickens please?' So off I went and found that the chickens who live opposite had decided to cross the road to visit us at Hill Top. Ken managed to catch a couple and return them, but they were doing a great job of entertaining our visitors and dodging cars! Normal service was resumed fairly swiftly with all chickens returned home safe and sound after their adventure.
One of Hill Top's more unusual visitors

There's always something new happening at Wray Castle, and this week has been no exception. Rose has been working with the Secret Windermere project to install an exhibition of sculptures made from the rubbish which was brought up from the lake. Your first thought might be that this sounds dirty and dreadful but it's exactly the opposite - it's fab! I loved it! A professional artist has worked with the materials and the local primary school to create all sort of creatures which could be swimming in Windermere. And it's amazing to see what some people have lost in the lake!

Come and have a look the next time you're in the area - the exhibition is on all summer through to September.

This is my favourite time of year at Hill Top, a time when I feel so lucky to spend my working days here in this beautiful place. It's no surprise to me at all that Beatrix fell in love with it and gained so much inspiration for her writing, her art and her conservation work. The garden always looks lovely, whatever time of year it is, but in my opinion, in late May to mid June it's at it's most colourful and best. So I've just been out to take a few photos of it to share with you. Hope you enjoy.

I love this purple wisteria which covers the roof of Pete the Gardener's shed. It's always out a bit later than the white wiseria and the smell is gorgeous

The white wisteria is so much better than last year, when it was very sparse

Although a bit past their best now, the azaleas have been lovely, despite being battered by the rain

And the veg garden is doing well too - especially the rhubarb

And finally, the path where Tom Kitten, Mittens and Moppet played, looking lush and lovely.

Hope you enjoyed that!