10 February 2012

Snow, snow - quick quick snow!

One day to go before the Beatrix Potter Gallery throws open its doors to the public, to show off its newly refreshed interior, and of course there has been loads to do.

Then it snowed

With such a tight deadline until we open, were we worried? of course not .... until the snow arrived last Saturday, making the Lake District a beautiful playground but not ideal for getting deliveries.  It also curtailed the second of the volunteer training days as folks rushed off at lunchtime to beat the ever-thickening snowfall.

Hawkshead in the snow
Snow fell in Hawkshead last weekend but it won't stop us opening this Saturday!
Volunteer Training
In the volunteer training days a week ago, the volunteers who will be helping to bring the gallery to life, had their first chance to see the gallery with its new look. Unfortunately life never being simple, work was not yet complete and we were still awaiting some information boards and display cabinets.  What they could see though everyone seemed very impressed with, and they left looking forward to Saturday's opening.

Ready to go
Since then the staff have pulled out all the stops, had a few late nights, and with the snow melted and/or cleared  we're ready to go (and hopefully we won't get more snow for the opening!)

post by Paul K
photo credit veryhappyhacks on Flickr.com