11 July 2014

Dedicated to all Pickles - especially to those that get upon my shop counter

Once upon a time there was a village shop. The name over the window was “Ginger and Pickles”…

OK, so a few things have changed in our shops since Beatrix Potter’s day; our counters are no longer a convenient height for rabbits and we don’t sell sugar, snuff and galoshes. But it’s certainly fair to say, in Beatrix’s own words, that there is something to please everybody.

Beatrix herself had a very business-like approach towards her own merchandise. She was heavily involved in the design and manufacturing of products based upon her characters, such as dolls and figurines. Market research and copy-right protection were taken care of herself, and she insisted the original quality of her artwork be maintained in all other products.
Certificate of registration for a Peter Rabbit doll, 1903

We live up to her standards today, providing our visitors with only the highest quality stock, so in this week’s blog I’m going to show you some of the fantastic Beatrix Potter treasures available in our shops right now.
Shops at the Beatrix Potter Gallery, Hill Top & Wray Castle.
Notice the beautiful fairy-tale display at Hill Top (above centre), which was hand-made by our retail manager Gillian.

Since 1850, Fritz Bermann's Petri Bronzes have been cast using traditional methods and lovingly painted by hand, making each piece unique and individual. Originally made for Beatrix Potter and on display at Hill Top, these bronzes are now made in small numbers especially for the collector. These bronzes pictured above, and many others, are available to buy in the Hill Top shop.

This cute and cuddly Peter Rabbit soft toy is also available at Hill Top shop and come in an exclusive and eye-catching bag.

Receive an exclusive book-plate as a souvenier when you buy one of Beatrix's classic tales from Hill Top, the Hawkshead shop or the Beatrix Potter Gallery.

After viewing Beatrix’s original artwork at the gallery, pop into our Hawkshead shop and feast your eyes on these spectacular illustrated prints.

This design and many others available at our Hawkshead shop.

Each one of these limited edition prints are beautifully double-mounted and individually numbered by hand.

Our shops provide a mail order service too, so there's no need to worry about fitting them in your suitcase. Just ask at our shops or call us for more details:
Hill Top shop pagehttp://bit.ly/TWRp1U 

Hawkshead Page: http://bit.ly/VSEijG

You can also visit our on-line shop here:

Before I go I’d like to mention our best sales-man cat, Sparky, who has been doing a purr-fect job welcoming customers at the Hawkshead shop.
Will work for cat-nip”
Thanks Sparky!

This week’s musical link is dedicated to you, pickle:

Pictures and meowsings by Emma, crazy cat lady in residence.