4 October 2013

Beatrix - gardens and fungi

On last week's blog post, gardener Pete mentioned that there was a new book about Beatrix Potter coming out, focused on her gardening interests.

Marta's book is out on 24th October, reserve a copy through Hill Top shop
If you'd like to buy the book you can do so from Hill Top shop (prior to the 24th you can reserve a copy); buying from us not only do you support our conservation work but you get a fantastic Hill Top book plate to make it even more special. The Book Plate uses Beatrix's illustration of the Hill Top garden path from The Tale of Pigling Bland; and if you'd like to see her original illustrations from this book, the exhibition runs in the Beatrix Potter Gallery, Hawkshead until the beginning of November.

This is Beatrix's drawing, the view also appears in the photo below.
The author Marta McDowell needed photographs of Hill Top garden through the seasons for her book and as she lives in the USA popping along to take some photos from time to time just wasn't an option! Instead she used local professional photographer Dayve Ward, well known to us here on Beatrix's patch, and he did the 'popping along' for her. He put together a lovely collection of photos of the garden and house;  here are a couple of them...


Also featuring Beatrix Potter this month is the Armitt Museum in Ambleside which this week officially opened its new permanent Beatrix Potter 'Image and Reality' exhibition.

Screen capture of the Armitt museum webpage featuring the exhibition
As we've mentioned before on this blog, Beatrix was a very skilled botanical artist and drew and painted exquisite fungi illustrations; the originals can be seen at the Armitt. Over on our Wray Castle blog they've been taking a walk in Beatrix's footsteps; here are just two of the photos from the recent Wray Castle blog about the large assortment of fungi they found around the grounds - if you're interested in mycology check it out!

Finally, and keeping to the autumn, gardening and Beatrix themes, Marta has written her own blog post about Beatrix's family connections with chrysanthemums, you can read it on her latest blog post.

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