20 September 2013

Unusual visitors

We're getting into the season of 'mists and mellow fruitfulness' now and this is often when we get some unusual visitors.

Top of the list must be Trinity the lop eared rabbit.  Trinity, a 'house' rabbit, was up on a camping holiday in the Lake District and came to Hill Top with his owners.  He stayed in the ticket office with us while the humans visited the house.  I'm sure Beatrix would have approved of the growing trend to keep rabbits as house pets rather than confined in small hutches (originally meant to house rabbits for short periods while they were fattened for eating).  You may need to tuck away your wiring but they are easy to 'house train'  and generally get on well with other animals - although we did keep Sam, the ticket office dog, and Trinity in their respective cages just in case!  I thought I'd taken photos of Trinity but they seem to have mysteriously 'gone to ground'.  Sorry.

We don't usually get excited about cars but these were rather special.
The Marvellous Morgans

The Lake District is a great place for cycling, whether you're getting an adrenalin rush hurtling through Grizedale, pedalling along the lake shore for a cuppa at Wray Castle, or just visiting Hill Top in an environmentally friendly way.  Two young ladies from Belgium splashed their way through the puddles to us on this glorious machine.
Tour of Britain?

Returning to the 'mellow fruitfulness', the hedgerows around Hill Top have been shining with glossy blackberries this year and picking them is one of the great joys of late summer.

Blackberries on off road path between Far Sawrey and Hill Top

Some dogs like picking blackberries.  Sam is not interested - all he gets from the hedgerow is a tangle of burrs in his curls.