26 July 2013

Beatrix's Birthday

Throughout most of July we have been very lucky with the weather here in the Lake District with almost non-stop sunshine and high temperatures. However, it was only a matter of time before the weather changed and this week saw rain along with a fair bit of thunder and lightening - although I'm sure Pete the gardener has been most appreciative of this.

We've got our fingers crossed that the sunshine will make another appearance and stay until the end of the month because there is a very special celebration on the 28th July – it's Beatrix's birthday :)

Over the years Beatrix celebrated her birthday with family and friends in many different and beautiful places throughout the UK, and call us biased but I can't help but think that the birthdays that she celebrated in Near Sawrey were among her most treasured.
The beautiful Moss Eccles Tarn.
Beatrix loved waterlilies and planted some at Moss Eccles Tarn which she considered to be a special place. Just up the lane from her marital home at Caste Cottage, Beatrix and William would visit the tarn often were they would spend romantic evenings rowing together in a small flat-bottomed boat. On other visits to the secluded spot William would spend time fishing as they rowed the tarn, whist Beatrix focused on sketching the beautiful landscape.

Every year on her birthday Beatrix would walk up through Near Sawrey to the tarn to pick some of her beloved waterlilies, she would pick one white and one pink waterlily which she would then display in her kitchen at Hill Top. This event was important to her and performed it religiously each year so to honour her  in this tradition we continue to follow in her footsteps.

Lots of lovely waterlilies.
Tomorrow evening the team will be having our own special celebration to mark the occasion and weather permitting, we'll be walking the short distance up through the village to the tarn, and have our own little celebration in honour of Beatrix - hopefully with a slice of cake (or two). Whatever the weather, I'm happy to say that one of the team will perform the important job of collecting the waterlilies from the tarn that will be on display in the kitchen on Beatrix's Birthday.

If you're in the Lakes this weekend and are considering visiting us on the 28th July we look forward to welcoming you to Beatrix's Hill Top and celebrating her birthday with you. Don't forget to look out for the pretty waterlilies in the kitchen!

Post by Natalie, Conservation in Action Assistant