24 May 2013

Dog on the Blog

Sadly, ticket office dog, Jessie, chased her last rabbit at the end of the year.  We now have Sam to keep us in order.  He is a Working Cocker (or Wocker), as mad as the rest of us but better looking than most.

                 As a true member of the team he enjoys the odd biscuit!
Look for him in the ticket offices at Hill Top and the Beatrix Potter Gallery, or as a flash of brown dashing through the bluebells at Wray Castle.

He's not the first spaniel with a Beatrix Potter connection as she had her own called Spot when she was a girl, here's the two of them together (although he looks like he'd prefer to be dashing through the bluebells himself.)

Beatrix Potter with Spot, aged about 15 (Beatrix not Spot)
Summer seems on occasion tantalisingly close, but when the cloud does descend we've been consoling visitors with the fact that Wordsworth, Coleridge and Co. rejoiced in the atmospheric 'vapours' of the Lake District.  Indeed, as a child, I thought the idea of 'walking in the clouds' up to Angle Tarn above Ullswater was truly 'awesome'.  The reality was a bit wet!
However, lets hope that whenever you read this, the rabbits in Hill Top orchard are basking in the sunshine and the buzzards riding the thermals above the fells.  Some of the ticket office team may even be enjoying a swim in a lakeland tarn!

Post and 'Sam' photos Sue Visitor Services Supervisor
Beatrix Potter photo copyright National Trust