30 March 2013

Love is in the air (cue for a song) at Hill Top!

 After clearing Hill Top car park and paths of snow, there was a welcome respite for staff and visitors last Saturday (23rd March).

Daniel Winter had contacted us a few weeks beforehand to tell us that he was planning to bring his girlfriend, Helen Mint, to Hill Top to propose to her. He told us that Helen has been a lifelong enthusiast for Beatrix Potter and her work, so proposing in Beatrix’s house would make the event even more special for the two of them.

The very snowy day dawned, and we were a little concerned that the couple would be able to get here as several of the local roads were tricky to get through. But get through they did, and we were delighted to hear that Helen said yes!

So here are the happy couple (in a very rare photo taken inside Hill Top – but we thought this special occasion deserved it!).

Congratulations to you both and best wishes for the future from the whole Hill Top team!

This is the second proposal we’ve had at Hill Top this year, and both have been perfectly timed to match the centenary of Beatrix’s own wedding to William Heelis in 1913 – the photo below shows Beatrix and William on the day before their wedding, taken by Beatrix’s father, Rupert.

Whilst some of us were keeping the home fires burning at Hill Top and The Beatrix Potter Gallery, the other half of our team was opening Wray Castle. The portcullis was raised for the first time to visitors on the 23rd March, although the weather and snow seemed to be conspiring against us.

Snowy steps for opening day!

Just a few more photos of the team getting everything ready.

Lottie, Christina and Corrin giving the staircase a final polish

Jamie hoovering - Rose made us all wear the delightful blue overshoes!

Rangers caught having a breather whist installing the Outdoor Room - just don't tell John A!

And in case you think I was joking about the snow and some of the local roads, here are a few photos taken by Mandy, one of our Visitor Experience Assts – you’ll most likely see her in the Ticket Office at Hill Top, Beatrix Potter Gallery or Wray Castle. (When it's not snowing!)

If this isn't a good reason for not being able to get into work, I don't know what is!

Come and see us soon!
But all the snow has now gone, all roads and paths are clear - just wrap up warm and come and see us! And if you've got room for another Easter Egg, we've got trails at Hill Top, The Beatrix Potter Gallery and Wray Castle happening on Easter Sunday and Monday.