25 January 2013

Emerging from winter hibernation

Hill Top shop is now in the final countdown to re-opening, and behind the scenes all is very much a hive of activity.

The shop looks somewhat forlorn amongst the remnants of snow.  But will soon sparkle as it emerges from its hibernation. I find this time very exciting as we see seasonal staff return,  pre-season training gets underway, and everyone wears a certain determined look as they race to get everywhere ready for that first day of opening.

The shop, not much outward sign of life (and only remnants of last week's snow visible)
Inside, the shop looks a lot less dormant than its exterior and resembles little of what it will become over the next few days! As with all preparations there always appears to be a lot more mess made before order can be restored!

One side bears all the remnants of the stock take; areas numbered, and count slips hanging off every shelf and cupbaoard door.

Tell tale signs of the recent stock take exercise - an essential winter activity
The other side of the shop has become a holding bay for the deliveries of new stock. Well- they say you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs!! Over the following days this chaos will gradually be cleared, and the shelves stripped of their merchandise, all ready for a thorough clean. Finally this blank canvas slowly transforms as it fills with colour from the product merchandised and displayed back onto its shelves. One last tickle with a duster, and all goes under wraps with dust sheets ready for the big unveiling on opening day.

New season 'goodies' all ready for unpacking
As I write this bog snow has started to fall. Hill Top has a series of wooden bunnies placed around its garden as part of the children's trail. This poor little bunny has only just emerged from the last snow fall. Let's hope this is the last of this cold weather, and we can all look forward to an early spring.

One little rabbit hoping for an early spring!

Gillian- Retail Manager