2 November 2012


Wray Castle has been a hive of activity this week. On Monday we hosted the South Lakes Orchard Group's annual apple pressing day. Rob and Andy brought a selection of locally grown apples and made some amazingly delicious apple juices for everyone to try. We were lucky enough to be left a bottle of juice at the end of the day, which we have been supping in between tours and helping out with the craft activities!

Yum Yum freshly pressed apple juice!

The presser in action!
As well as apple day, this week at the castle has been Halloween themed. Visitors, both young and old have enjoyed making witches and wizards hats, scary masks, creepy spiders and Halloween lanterns. We have also been entertaining visitors after hours with ghostly story telling sessions. Richard and Luke have been a great double act, both dressed in appropriately scary costumes and regaling guests with stories of skulls, severed hands and haunted tea pots! In the cold Autumn evening, victims-I mean, of course, visitors, found themselves in the dimly lit gothic hallway of Wray Castle and were greeted by the ghastly Black monk of Furness-Abbey and a young Undertaker's apprentice who took great pleasure in measuring guests for their coffins! 
Wray Castle's resident undertaker!

One of our most popular activities has been the broom stick making. When Richard the Ranger volunteered his skills to do this back in May I am not sure he quite realised what was in store for him!

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to make over 100 broom sticks in 5 hours?? Well Richard no longer needs to ponder that question as he has spent two days at the castle this week doing exactly that! On Monday it seemed like a one man production line, but luckily reinforcements arrived as their were some very keen would be witches and wizards all eager to make their own broom stick.

Richard hard at work. Only 55 more to go!

A happy 'witch' with a rather large broom stick!

This is our last week of 7 day opening; but we are going to be open on weekends all the way up until the 23rd of december. There will be lots more craft activities and a giant christmas tree to decorate, so do come along and have some fun!