24 February 2012

Warm welcome, cold feet

Beatrix Potter's Hill Top is a great favourite with Japanese visitors and we welcome tens of thousands of them through our doors every season.

For 2012, we've used a local translator and commissioned a Japanese language guide to Beatrix Potter and Hill Top to put on our new website - this will go with our other Japanese language publications of welcome leaflet and Hill Top guide book to help make their visit more enjoyable.

the guide in Japanese 

A chilly start
Despite the milder weather in the last few days, opening so early in the season is always a challenge as it can be very cold indeed for the Visitor Services and House staff working in very chilly conditions. From one of our Visitor Services team, here's one thought on the subject (we think he's kidding...) 

"just emerged from the ticket office, where I have been trialling the latest Hill Top Ticket Office staff uniform. Jo says that as soon as they confirm that they can do it in black, with the Trust's logo she will order us a set each."
post by Linda with help from Visitor Services
photos by Linda and Flickr | Facecover